Huberman-Bromer Residence 
Uwharrie Mountains, NC 


Joseph Huberman and Ruth Bromer are free thinkers, social activists and avid cross country trekkers. Joseph is an inventor who recently designed a cruising sailboat and patented a recirculating bathing system. Their in-town house is a wonderful medley of ingenious tools for living that they share with their dog Kiwi, several rabbits and recently a rescue squirrel.

Joseph and Ruth wanted a retreat in the Uwharrie Mountains. Here they could share vacations with their friends and two grown daughters and also host the occasional group of trekkers. It had to be maintenance free and wide open to nature.

Maintenance free in a mountain forest made us think of a big steeply pitched roof, shaped like two folded hands to shelter Ruth and Joseph below , shedding rain and leaves and the occasional tree branch like water off a duck's  back. We split the roof at the ridge, inserted glass, and gave the family a view of the sky and stars at night. Sunlight reaches every room.

Kiwi has her own dog run and secure sleeping place because there are coyotes about. We learned long ago that a happy dog means a happy owner.