Schaeffer Residence 
Raleigh, NC 

A Room of One's Own

Jon and Gayle Schaeffer work at home. Gayle is an artist and Jon is a veterinary scientist. They share their house on a leafy street in Raleigh NC with Spencer, a 100- pound Labrador dog. Gayle is a night owl. Jon and Spencer are up before dawn." Overlapping domains may be the way to go" we said when they asked us to replace their tiny house on its 1/4 acre lot with a larger home.

So we designed their new house as a series of overlapping levels for living and working. The largest level holds the kitchen, living room, dining areas and screened porch. Gayle has her own studio half a level down, half a level up is the master suite. Jon's office and study is on the ground, half a flight down from Gayle. Spencer has his own door.

Everyone can share the family area and each has his or her own space. A room of one's own, as Virginia Woolf said, is the way to happiness.