Seven Sisters Residence
St. Helena's Island, SC 

Sabrina Terry and Jon Lamb wanted as much house as they could get for a tiny budget. And they wanted to enjoy all their senses in a new home overlooking the salt marsh on St Helena Island SC. They camped out for three vacations prior to building, sleeping in an Airstream trailer.

The mosquitoes and no-see-ums were fierce in the Low Country, but for them their site was paradise.

We said "Build your house like a big screened-in porch. You'll get more house for the money and you can live outdoors for nine months each year. After all, winters are mild in the Low Country."

They took our advice, and now they enjoy lunch scented with magnolias and serve aperitifs to the song of mockingbirds. Half of the house is heated and cooled, the rest is open air. People have built fishing shacks in this part of the world for 100 years. This is a fishing shack with style and wifi.

Oh,and by the way: we encouraged them to keep the outbuildings they built and the Airstream trailer too. It takes a village.