Wood Studio
Durham, North Carolina
Frank Harmon, Robert Wagner, Aaron Brumo and Michael Beaman

Our client was a professor emeritus, a pioneer in biomechanics and the analysis of structure in nature, and passionate about art. When he is not analyzing natural structure, he enjoys wood sculpting and watercolor painting. In 1999, he asked us to design a studio on a wooded hillside next to his home. It had to accommodate both of his artistic endeavors: it had to allow for maneuvering one-ton logs and provide natural light for his watercolors. And since his own artwork bears the mark of bush and chisel, he wanted his studio to express the craft of construction.

This was both an unusual and didactic project. For this design-build project, our team members, including architectural interns, worked on the site. Designing at the place of construction was an educational experience, allowing the interns to integrate details into the overall form. Helping build the project themselves gave the interns a valuable, hands-on lesson in the process of construction.

2000 AIA NC Honor Award
2001 Wood Design and Build Magazine International Award
2002 AIA NC Honor Award
2003 AIA NC Honor Award
2003 AIA SAR Honor Award